The excuses and enemies of a great, consistent workout program…Any of these look familiar?

  • Inertia: It’s easier to sit still than move. Too many of us have jobs where we SIT all day at a computer, then come home and SIT till bedtime in front of the tube.
  • Procrastination: Yes, I’ll definitely, absolutely start a workout program – soon as I get money for the equipment, find time in my schedule to fit it in, build up enough self-discipline to get through those first days of “all-over” muscle soreness. Someday. Soon. Really.
  • Too much else to do: Otherwise known as a lack of priority. I work long hours, have to work overtime and at home even to keep up. With work, and family, and career, and just the hassle of life’s time-consuming minutiaea, where can I find time to make working out a priority?
  • It’s too hard: Otherwise known as a lack of motivation. Much like intertia, being a couch potato is so much easier than moving and getting winded and stressing myself. And for what? Takes so long to get in shape.

My Story: If this is you, don’t be too hard on yourself. It used to be me, too. Believe it or not, I once weighed 340 pounds and had to contort myself to tie my shoes. In the mirror, I saw a true lardbucket probably headed for big health problems if I couldn’t get out of my aversion to moving.

Then the health problems did indeed hit. First, a three-year battle with cancer. A dozen years later, a major gastric crisis that left me with 20 to 25% of my stomach. My weight fell to a skeletal 135 pounds and I no longer could walk for a lack of wasted-away muscles.

Months of rehab forced me to workout, first to be able to stand up on my own, then to walk, and finally, to be repaired enough to live on my own again.

At that point, I had regained weight to around 180, but my muscles were soft and flabby. I was now a normal-sized guy but made mostly of Jello. So I decided to get a home gym and get serious about it.

My Choice: I researched up a storm – checked all the major home-gym brands and options. Eventually, I settled on one of the units featured on this site and ordered it from Amazon. It arrived in a box big enough to serve as my coffin if I didn’t get busy using the gym.

The assembling was clear enough, but also detailed enough that it took me quite a while, part-time. Finally, it stood there in all its workout-promise glory – the machine that would transform me from loose to tight, from flabby to firm, from a high BMI to a much lower one.

I’m still doing my thing on it – daily – and have actually come to love it! My home gym choice fits me well – but another unit may be a much better fit for you. That’s why, on this site, I’m offering you a wide variety of possible choices – any one of which can transform your body in ways that will make you proud (and your wife, fiancee, or significant other too, if you have one).

Which one did I buy?” If you ask me in a comment, I’ll tell you which unit I bought and why I like it. But again, don’t be limited by my choice – compare, read the reveiws from other owners, find a price that works for you – and GET STARTED!

From time to time in this column, I’ll share top-notch information that I come across that can help you in your own journey toward your best you. Bottom line: It’s a matter of a firm, determined, irreversible choice. And the power of choice is yours – no one can replace it or take it away from you!